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The Lone Gunmen - consisting of Melvin Frohike, John Byers and Richard Langly - were the publishers of the expose magazine of the same name, as well as close friends and sources of information to Fox Mulder. Bearing cautious minds bordering on paranoia, they took the stance of Government Watch Dog and often assisted in what could be classed as illegal and even treasonous activity.

They died simaltaneously from a chemical agent while attempting to stop an outbreak from a Terrorist Bio-Chemist.

Pre 10-13[]

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While in the attempt to find and rescue Scully, Mulder hallucinated that he saw the Lone Gunmen with him at a conveniance store in East Point, FL. He joked with them, as Frohike damned their latest choice of cover art while Byers defended the need to bring more attention to the issue. When Langly asked if Mulder was attending Defcon 99, Mulder stated that it was now 2004. Byers replied that that's why they like Mulder; because he is "even weirder then [they] are". ("Premija")

When Morris Fletcher was attempting to pitch his autobiography to 'Genuine Works', he recounted his experiences and recollections of the Lone Gunmen. In his interpretations, the trio were a clownish and slapstick group of overly paranoid and delusional simpletons. As with most of his stories, they were also intimidated by him. ("The World According to Morris")


Pre 10-13[]

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