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Schattenjaeger is a group of conspirators based on a breakaway element of the former Syndicate. Their founder and principal spiritual leader is Alexandr Schneider. Comprising disillusioned forer syndicate members and other powerful men as well as a large contingent of elite operatives, Schattenjaeger's main purpose is to become the world's shadow government by 2012 and to prevent colonisation via their alliance with the Alien Rebels.



Schattenjaeger was built upon the ancient organisation of the same name that was in place during the middle ages as a watchdog to Barbarossa's Holy Roman Empire, but that was ultimately destroyed in 1821. Schneider, it's founder, is a descendant of a highly influencial member Wolfgang Schneider. 

The term Schattenjaeger is German for Shadow Hunter.


The new group was founded by Schneider in 1977 after he was disgusted at his compatriots' decision to collude with the Colonists. His aim was to use his anscestors' name to form an organisation capable of defending the people of Earth against the alien threat. Although it was a major part of his life, Schneider was able to create and build up the group in secret, still able to work with the Syndicate in secrecy.


On two occasions between it's founding in 1975 and 1992, the group was almost totally destroyed by the Syndicate, but each time survived and was rebuilt. Amazingly, on each occasion Schneider both survived and was never found out. In 1993, having rebuilt the group and successfuly converted a number of Syndicate members such as Robert Forrest and Tore Ostengaard to his cause, he finally broke away from the Syndicate for his own enterprise.

Rebel Alliance & Death of the Syndicate[]

In early 1998, following a series of Alien Rebel attacks on abductees, Schneider began attempts to establish communication and form an alliance with the Rebels as a way of fighting the Colonists.

In 1999, the Syndicate were wiped out by the same Rebels at El Rico Air Force Base, making Schattenjaeger the foremost shadow group. In 2001, after freeing a captured alien rebel and returning him to his people, extended talks began between the two groups that ended successfuly. In return for Rebel assistance and provisions, Schattenjaeger would support their efforts on Earth and establish a fully influential shadow government by December 2012, the date of colonisation, and concentrate on defence while the Rebels would attack the Colonists.

Schattenjaeger were given a rebel ambassador as part of the deal, a clone of Alex Krycek.






  • Alexandr Schneider
  • Robert Forrest
  • Tore Ostengaard
  • Dario Vukjovic
  • Alex Krycek
  • Martin Richie