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Scarred Man was an unnamed operative who worked for the New Consortium. His name comes from the fact he had multiple scars on his face.

In late 2004, Scarred Man was sent by Conrad Strughold to Porto De Empedocle in Sicily to deliver a mission to Dario Vukjovic. He handed Vukjovic a phone with Strughold on the line, and he was told to locate and capture Gibson Praise. ("Premija")

In 2005, Scarred Man was once again dispatched by Strughold, this time to El Salvador to find and kill Vukjovic, who had betrayed them by not disclosing the location of Praise. Using his connections, Scarred Man had the San Salvador Police work for him, and they found the body of Jose LaCarvallia. He murdered one of Vukjovic's local contacts, named Filipe, and later had a gunman fire at Scully and Doggett in Mulder's hotel room, although the shooter only killed a maid. ("The Krying Game")

Scarred Man later headed the New Consortium team to find and capture Selena Correia when her existence became known to them. Ultimately, they failed and Correia escaped. ("Umbrakinesis")

When Schattenjaeger operatives killed the guards at a Russian missile silo housing the trading goods for the Colonists, Scarred Man led a firetime to wipe them out. They arrived after Vukjovic's team had been killed by the Bounty Hunter, and after Vukjovic himself and Mulder had escaped. ("Denique Velum") Scarred Man reported to Strughold that Schattenjaeger's plan had failed, and released Toothpick Man and Billy Miles from their statis chambers. When Miles buckled due to exposure from Magnetite, Scarred Man discovered the explosives that were set. A few moments later, a dying Vukjovic activated the charges and destroyed the silo along with Scarred Man, his team, the Super Soldiers and the alien artifacts. ("Sodom and Gomorrah")


  • Season 10
    • Premija
    • The Krying Game
    • Umbrakinesis
    • Denique Velum
    • Sodom and Gomorrah