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Robert Forrest was a member of Schattenjaeger, and a second generation conspirator. Once an operative for Alexandr Schneider during his time with the Syndicate, Englishman Forrest joined his mentor in the new organisation and was made a member of it's command. A well educated and highly intelligent man of good bearing, Forrest was reknowned for his speaking, making him the most frequently used 'missionary' for Schattenjaeger. He made an attempt to induct Fox Mulder into the organisation in early 2005. Forrest broke away from Schattenjaeger and lured Mulder to the island of Heimaey in an attempt to kill alien shapeshifter Niet Vaats. This plan failed, and Forrest was shot and killed by his treacherous right hand man Memo Kodro.


Early Life & Background[]

Forrest was born on 3rd June 1951 in London, England. He was born into a wealthy family with strong ties abroad. Little about his life at this point is known.

Syndicate Work[]

Forrest acted in an unknown capacity on behalf of Schneider for a number of years, eventually earning an 'executive role' which saw him specialise in diplomacy and political intrigue.


Forrest joined Schattenjaeger in the nineties at the behest of Schneider. He served as a high ranking member who specialised in 'inductions' and tactical planning.

Mulder 'Induction' Attempt[]

Approaching Scully[]

Ensuring Scully's Release[]

Alliance with Mulder[]

Heimaey Incident[]


  • Season 10
    • Umbrakinenis
    • Shades of Grey
    • Denique Velum
    • Sodom and Gomorrah
  • Season 11
    • Aftercast
    • Nemesis
    • Ueber Alles
    • Everything Dies: Part 1 & 2