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4,500,000 B.C

Greys colonise Earth

3,000,000 B.C

'Engineers' create Niet Vaats

2,780,000 B.C

'Engineers' wiped out in war with Colonists

900,000 B.C

First Alien/Human evolutionary chain emerges. Race created later dubbed 'Anasazi'

35,000 B.C

Purity causes evolutionary leap in Cavemen.

5,000 B.C

Final Alien Colony on Earth, dubbed 'Atlantis', self destructs as Colonists leave Earth


First Schattenjaeger Organisation destroyed

December 20th, 1929

Alexandr Schneider is born in Munich, Bavaria

September 1st, 1931

Conrad Strughold is born in Berlin

April 3rd, 1932

Well-Manicured Man is born

January 1st, 1934

Cigarette Smoking Man is born

February 12th 1936

William 'Bill' Mulder is born

October 28th, 1943

Philadelphia experiment fails in attempt to use cloaking technology


Operation Paper Clip initiated, Nazi scientists taken to USA to perform experiments on Hybridization. Alexandr Schneider recruited as 'security'.


Unit 731 brought to USA to perform experiments in tandem with Paper Clip.

July 7th, 1948

Colonist's craft crash lands in Roswell, New Mexico

March 13th, 1952

Walter Skinner born


American government attempts experiments on xenotransplantation.


Arthur Dales opens X Files unit within FBI


Zeus Faber crew infected with Black Oil. Government cover up ensues.

April 4th, 1960

John Doggett born in Democrat Hot Springs, Georgia

October 13th, 1961

Fox Mulder is born in Chilmark

January 22nd 1964

Samantha Mulder is born in Chilmark

February 23rd, 1964

Dana Scully is born

August 2nd, 1967

Alex Krycek born in St Petersburg

December 25th 1968

Dario Vukjovic born in Valjevio, the former Yugoslavia (now Serbia)

October 13th 1973

State Department workers meet Colonists at El Rico Air Force Base. Syndicate formed, agreement reached.

November 27th 1973

Syndicate submit family members to Colonists as collateral. Samantha Mulder, Casandra Mulder and Marcus Schneider all abducted.

July 22nd 1974

Parents of Alex Krycek murdered by Soviet Spy Killer, Gregorz Wostowjiak. Wostowjiak executed by CSM. Krycek joins Syndicate.

February 1976

Dario Vukjovic's family murdered by Slav militia. Vukjovic taken in my Pro-Serbian militia.

July 1st, 1976

Niet Vaats captured by Syndicate after crash in New Mexico, but turned over to Colonists by CSM.


Alexandr Schneider forms second incarnation of Schattenjaeger


Walter Skinner joins FBI


Fox Mulder joins FBI


Dario Vukjovic joins the Syndicate


Fox Mulder and Diana Fowley reopen X Files


Dana Scully joins FBI


Dana Scully assigned to the X files


John Doggett joins FBI


Fox Mulder and Marita Covarrubias first meet


Purity infested Mars rock buried underground in Terma, North Dakota

January 20th 1999

Syndicate wiped out by Rebels. CSM, Fowley, Krycek and Vukjovic survive.

February 1st, 1999

Dario Vukjovic relocates to Finland

March 17th 2000

Disc containing hugely significant medical data discarded by CSM

May 29th 2000

Fox Mulder abducted by Colonists


John Doggett assigned to the X files


Fox Mulder returned by Colonists with Alien DNA.

April 23rd 2001

Alex Krycek executed by Walter Skinner in FBI Parking Garage

April 23rd 2001

William born to Dana Scully and Fox Mulder in Democrat Hot Springs, Georgia

June 2nd, 2002

Fox Mulder breaks into Mount Weather Military Installation and learns date of Colonization. Mulder arrested and charged with murder

June 19th, 2002

Fox Mulder escapes prison and flees with Dana Scully

June 21st, 2002

Cigarette-Smoking Man killed in New Mexico

June 22nd 2002

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully on run from authorities. Move to Canada.