• This list includes episodes linked to the Mythology directly, even if not focussed on it.


Code Title
Season 10 10x01 The Lie


10x09 Memorandom
10x14 Dead in the Morning
10x15 Premija
10x20 The Krying Game
10x21 Umbrakinesis
10x25 Shades of Grey
10x26 Denique Velum
10x27 Sodom and Gomarrah
Season 11 11x01 Aftercast
11x08 Messenger
11x15 Blood Debt
11x16 Nemesis
11x19 Regeneration
11x22 The Understanding
11x26 Ueber Alles
11x27 Everything Dies
Season 12 12x06 Hunted
12x07 Hunter
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