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Monica Reyes is a former FBI field agent who briefly was assigned to working on the X files. Now retired from active duty, Reyes acts as a guardian for Gibson Praise, residing in a safe house which is revealed to be in Ohio ("The Lie". She is captured by New Consortium operatives who question her after Mulder takes Gibson to Germany. Doggett rescues her just as she is about to be executed ("Shattenjaeger")

Pre 10-13[]

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Early Life & Background[]

Reyes was born in Mexico in 1960, where she was raised for the majority of he childhood, and as a result is fluent in both English and Spanish. She later studied Religuos Studies at University.

The FBI[]

She graduated from the academy in 1990, becoming a Special Agent and being assigned to New York City. Here, she first met John Doggett and was the lead investigator in the search for his son, Luke. She eventually found his body and had a psychic experience for the first time. During her time in NY, she met Brad Follmer and had a relationship with him.

Reyes was transferred to the New Orleans field office, specializing in ritualistic crime, mainly those associated with Satanic cults.

In 2001, Reyes was contacted by Doggett regarding the disappearance of alleged abductees. Although she initially suspected the activity was down to UFO cults, she personally witnessed an extraterrestrial craft and discovered Gary Cory's returned corpse, chasing off Absolam and Jeremiah Smith in the process. She was later present when the FBI recovered Fox Mulder's body.

Having returned to New Orleans, Reyes was again called upon by Doggett to help protect the pregant Dana Scully from Billy Miles. She took her to Democrat Hot Springs in Georgia where, despite the arrival of several super soldiers, Scully was able to give birth to William.

Reyes was re-assigned to the X files as a replacement for the absconded Mulder. She assisted in Mulder's escape from Mount Weather, and witnessed the death of Knowle Rohrer in New Mexico.



Minder to Gibson Praise[]


  • Season 10
    • The Lie
    • Schattenjaeger
  • Season 11
    • Black Gold
    • Regeneration