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Below is a list of minor characters featuring in 10-13 episodes:


A hitman working for Dario Vukjovic, Sava is known to the FBI as a pimp and a serial trafficker. Recruited by Vukjovic, Sava was born in Vrapčište, Macedonia where he remains notorious for his role in the 2001 Albianian insurgency. He was shot during an attempt on Senator Richard Matheson's life ("The Lie") and is presumed dead.


A hitman for Dario Vukjovic. Both he and Sava Kovocevic refer to him respectfully as Dragan. Illie was born and raised in Bačka Palanka, Serbia. He is approximately 42 years old and and served under Slobodan Milošević during the Yugoslav wars in the early 1990's. He was trained as a sniper during this time and served in this capacity in Vukjovic's team. Despite his extensive experience he does not relish his role. Ilija was shot dead during an attempt on Senator Richard Matheson's life.("The Lie")


Sicilian ex-Cosa Nostra hitman hired by Vukjovic. Not much is known about Piccini, however he is killed by Vukjovic after he discovers Piccini has been feeding information to the FBI. This information eventually leads to the bust on Sava Kovocevic and Ililja Krasic.


Sicily-based Shattenjaeger operative, Giulia provides a point of contact for the Shattenjaeger bosses, spying on known Consortium members and feeding back information. She is shot dead by hired hands of the Grey Haired Man after her role in Shattenjaeger was discovered. Before she died, she was able to rescue Scully and Larissa Toricelli from the freighter they had been trapped on ("Shattenjaeger")