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Memo Kodro was a Bosnian operative who secretly worked for the New Consortium while a member of Schattenjaeger, principally as the right hand man of Robert Forrest. He betrayed them during the search for Niet Vaats on Heimaey.


As Forrest's main deputy, Kodro was involved in the attempt to induct Mulder into the organisation, and provided security at Forrest's beach house in El Salvador. When Mulder first entered the building, Kodro attacked him at gunpoint but was called off by Forrest.

When Mulder became angered by his situation, Forrest had Kodro inject a sedative into Mulder's neck to knock him unconscious.

While under the influence of the drugs, Mulder saw Kodro and Vukjovic having a heated argument, which almost turned into a fight until Forrest intervened. ("Umbrakinesis")

TBC ("Denique Velum")

TBC ("Aftercast")


  • Season 10
    • Umbrakinesis
    • Denique Velum
  • Season 11
    • Aftercast
    • Nemesis
    • Ueber Alles
    • Everything Dies