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The Krycek Tape was a video cassette tape filmed by Alex Krycek of himself, and served as a communique for Dario Vukjovic in 2005, both as a personal message indicating he was pleased Vukjovic had joined Schattenjaeger, and also as confirmation to the mission to capture Mulder. It was the first indication that Krycek was still alive, and that he was in league with Vukjovic. ("The Krying Game")


"Hello, old friend. The plan's in motion, the plan for Mulder. I hope you're dry enough to see this watch this and to make things work, it's real important that we succeed. I just wanna to say, I'm glad to have you aboard, I knew you'd give in eventually. We're fighting the good fight now, and we're gonna win this war. No more civilian killing crap and worthless premijas. This is the real resistance. Speak to you soon, Dario. Dasvidanya."

Alex Krycek