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Mulder, Scully, Doggett and Blakely are called in to help investigate a series of gruesome murders that have suspcious roots.


Detroit, Michigan

The Case

Two local 'fixers' have been brutally tortured and murdered, with possible satanist connotations.

Mulder Says

That the dead men were working together in an illegal operation to bring immigrants to the city from Mexico, and are being picked off by rivals.

Scully Says

The state of the bodies and the manner of the murders suggests a far more intense motive than professional ambition.

That's Odd

Each of the murder victims has scripture branded over their hearts, which looks like the same writings seen on Alien Artifacts

Where's the Evidence?

Correspondence between the victims proves they were involved in an operation to smuggle people into the country.

What's the Conspiracy?

A psychotic UFO cult appears to be in the hunt for an individual of great significance, possibly someone part alien...

One of the most violent and brutal 10-13 Episodes, the inspiration for Hunter/Hunted came from a vareity of sources.

The double homicide of two local 'behind the scenes' crime figures compels Detroit Office SAC Linda Wiseman to call in the aid of the X files, via old flame Doggett.

To Be Completed...