For Fox Mulder, small time living with Scully in Canada was both what he always wanted and always dreaded: the luxury of a quiet life, but also the final nail in the coffin of helplessness. With no jurisdiction, and of course no budget, Mulder could no longer exhaust avenues of investigation attempting to discover the truth about the Alien Colonisation let alone prevent it. However, as it proved to be the case, their path was not to end here.

After two years of 'hobbying', Mulder was given the chance to re-enter the game courtesy of an old friend and ally: Walter Skinner. While Scully was made to choose between her old life as a doctor in a sleepy town and a new one back at the FBI, Mulder had ultimately grown restless and wanted back. He almost bites off Skinner's hand accepting the offer to return, despite the unofficial role proferred. As it turned out, Mulder hadn't simply been sitting back during his two year retirement. Fate once again played it's hand, and it soon became clear there was only one future ahead of him, the one he has just chosen.

Quiet Life

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