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Fox William Mulder is a Special Agent within the FBI and assigned to the X files wing of of the Bureau, along with Dana Scully. He was brought back to the FBI along with Scully after spending two years in retirement in rural Canada, initially on a trial basis, and now holds the role permanently.

Fox is the last surving member of the Mulder family after the deaths of his parents, William and Teena Mulder, and the abduction and later passing away of his sister, Samantha. He has a biological son, William, who was given away into care while he was on a solo crusade to uncover the truth behind colonisation during 2001-2002.

He was abducted by Alien Bounty Hunters in 2000, before being returned a few months later, and possesses an alien string of DNA due to his contact with the Black Oil in 1997.

Pre 10-13[]

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Early Life & Background[]

Mulder was born on October 13th, 1961 in Chilmark, Martha's Vineyard to William and Teena Mulder.

On November 27th, 1973, Mulder's sister Samantha was abducted from their home. TBC

The FBI[]



On Trial[]



Following his escape from military prison, and the death of Cigarette-Smoking Man, Mulder and Scully travelled to rural Canada where they effectively retired. Scully took up a position of doctor at a local hospital, while Mulder explored his interest in paranormal phenomena as a hobby.

During this time he had correspondence with Alexandr Schneider, a man who claimed to have known his father.

The List Killings[]

In Spring 2004, Mulder and Scully were approached at their home by Skinner, who informed them of the wholesale changes at the FBI and Mulder's pardon. He also informed them that Doggett, now an Assistant Director, required their assistance in solving the murders of a number of Conspiracy witnesses. Mulder persuaded a pensive Scully to take on the case in an unofficial capacity. Mulder ensured that via a series of photographs, the killers were identified as Sava Kovocevic and Ilija Krasic, and they subsequently prevented the murder of Matheson, with Mulder again ascertaining that he was a target. TBC

("The Lie", "Schattenjaeger")

Return to the X files[]

("Schattenjaeger", "Ex Inferris")

Scully Abduction[]

("Dead in the Morning", "Premija")

Attempted Induction[]

("The Krying Game", "Umbrakinesis", "Denique Velum")

Discovering New Consortium[]

("Sodom and Gomorrah", "Denique Velum", "Aftercast")

Return to Work[]

("Aftercast", "The Engine Room")

Approach from Vukjovic[]

("Blood Debt", "Nemesis")

Heimaey Incident & Niet Vaats[]

("Ueber Alles", "Everything Dies: Part 1 & 2")

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