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First Elder was a high ranking member of the Syndicate, and for a time acted as their de-facto leader. He was present at the original meeting at El Rico Air Force Base and the encounter with Niet Vaats. He was killed along with the majority of other Syndicate members in 1999 at the same Air Force Base by a Rebel ambush.

The Syndicate[]

In 1976, First Elder and the other major members of the Syndicate attended a military installation in New Mexico following the capture and imprisonment there of Niet Vaats. He was one of the members who assented with Cigarette-Smoking Man's decision to turn over the shape shifter. ("Everything Dies: Part 1 & 2")

In 1990, he sanctioned the decision to locate and kill Syndicate traitor John Markic, who had fled to an unknown location on the Serbian-Montenegro border in the former Yugoslavia. He tasked his favoured operative, Josip Duljaj with this task. As a result, Dario Vukjovic was hired by Duljaj and joined First Elder's line of operatives.

In 1997, by which point Vukjovic had become First Elder's preferred man, and Duljaj was out of favour, First Elder became unhappy with Cigarette-Smoking Man's performance and ordered Vukjovic to kill him. Vukjovic flouted the order and returned to Yugoslavia. Furious with this disrespect, First Elder ordered Duljaj to kill Vukjovic and tasked Quiet Willy with assassinating CSM. Ultimately, both operatives failed with CSM inexplicably surviving a supposedly fatal gunshot wound and Vukjovic killing Duljaj. First Elder was later visited in his home in New York by an armed Vukjovic. First Elder "forgave" Vukjovic, and brought him back to work.

By 1999, First Elder had made Vukjovic his right hand man. After a show of disrespect by Vukjovic towards the Syndicate-Colonist alliance, First Elder was advised by fellow Syndicate members that his operative was a liability. First Elder dismissed these claims. Unbeknownest to him, Vukjovic deserted the Syndicate during the decision to start colonisation early, and declined to attend the meeting at El Rico Air Force Base. First Elder died in the ensuring ambush. ("Blood Debt", "Redux II")


  • Season 11
    • Blood Debt
    • Everything Dies: Part I & II