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Production Number: 11x27
Story by: Malcolm Fenn
Written by: Malcolm Fenn & Nancey Mullins
Type: Mythology
Arc: "Alien Trade", "Niet Vaats"

Everything Dies is the twenty-seventh episode of Season 11, and the conclusion to the two part season finale.

With the Colonists wiping out the population of Heimaey and Schattenjaeger's motives and methods under scrutiny, Scully pleads with Mulder to leave before it is too late, but her partner insists there is still something he must do.



Members of the syndicate arrive at a military installation in New Mexico, where a UFO has crashed. The men, that include Cigarette-Smoking Man, Bill Mulder, Deep Throat, Well-Manicured Man and Alexandr Schneider, are led by the army soldiers to a highly fortified prison cell within the underground complex. Through an observation window, they see a man restrained by steel locks to a chair. One of the attending officers explain that he appears to be one of the salvage team who reached the craft, but isn't. The man then invites each of the syndicate members into the cell. An unnamed member enters the chamber and stands in front of the prisoner, who slowly looks up at him. After a pause, the man morphs into the man's father, long since dead. Cigarette-Smoking Man takes a turn, and is shown Cassandra Spender. The syndicate members are highly stunned, and talk amongst themselves. After being initially reluctant, Bill Mulder enters the cell and almost immediately the man becomes Samantha Mulder. Bill breaks down into tears at the sight, and Schneider watches on from the observation bay in tearful shock.

After the experience, each of the men congregate to discuss what to do with the alien. They argue. Schneider advocates that they have a weapon of great significance that, with appropriate scientific research, could be multiplied and used as a tool to destroy the Colonists. Cigarette Smoking Man asks Bill Mulder what he believes they should do. A defeated Mulder simply walks away without commenting, much to the distaste of his colleagues. As Schneider goes to continue his point, he is cut off by CSM who bluntly admits they have already contacted the Colonists. Schneider scalds CSM, growling at him that the group must never split decisions. CSM dismisses the rebuke, and he walks away.

A short time later. The Syndicate members, minus Bill Mulder and Schneider, stand at one of the airfields as an Alien craft arrives and abducts Vaats. Schneider observes the empty holding cell in anger.


In the North Sea, not far from Heimaey, the British Navy vessel HMS Nelson is anchored. On board, the ship's captain, Ronaldson, argues with Krycek as they walk down to a chamber below the bridge. The Captain states that he won't tolerate being kept out of the loop on matters involving his ship. Krycek dismisses him irritatedly, stating that he "doesn't want to know". They enter the chamber, where a cell almost identical to that seen at the New Mexico Military Base is set up ready for a prisoner. Krycek walks into the adjoining room, where he approaches Schneider at a desk, informing him that the Colonists have made their move and that Heimaey is now in a state of disarray. Schneider orders that the plan be put into effect, adding "I will not let it out of my grasp again. Our success comes ahead of everything else, Alex. We must succeed, or everything dies".

Act One[]

At a dockland on a minor island in Vestmannaejyer, a boat owner, Kallstrom, observes as a fishing vessel arrives and the crew unload a number of crates. Kallstrom goes down to the jetty and greets them personally, flanked by two armed heavies. In Icelandic, one of the sailors explains they are behind schedule because of a UN blockade. Kallstrom expresses his anger, but makes sure the crates continue to be unloaded. They are interrupted by a large armed force, who storm the docks and arrest Kallstrom and his men, revealing themselves as INTERPOL agents and opening the crates, that are filled with guns. Kallstrom's men are immediately taken to a prisoner truck, which is driven away. As Kallstrom is taken away, gunshots are heard from further along the waterfront. Most of the INTERPOL agents move to investigate, leaving just one local policeman to guard Kallstrom, who is handcuffed. The guard is approached by a man in the darkness, telling him he is FBI and needs to question the prisoner. The guard nervously agrees, and the agent takes Kallstrom away. The agent moves out of shadow to reveal himself as Doggett, and he asks whether Kallstrom wants to work off his sentence with a "little community service". Though suspicious, Kallstrom accepts and Doggett releases his restraints, keeping a gun on him along the way. He takes him down to a small boat away from the scene of the arrest, and they board. Doggett orders him to start up the engine, and impatiently waits, muttering "where the hell is he?". After a delay, a red faced Blakely appears and jumps aboard, telling them to hurry. Kallstrom sails the boat away, and Doggett asks what took Blakely so long. Blakely sourly replies that Doggett should be in charge of the diversion next time. Kallstrom asks where they want to go, to which Doggett replies Heimaey, much to Kallstrom's horror.

On Heimaey, Scully is horrified when her phone conversation with Mulder is cut off. After a few attempts to call him back, she realises her connection has been blocked. She angrily demands information from Forrest, who calmly states that the New Consortium have likely activated a signal scrambler to block calls from the island. Scully asks him exactly what is going on, to which he replies that it is exactly how he explained, and that now there is a battle between themselves and the New Consortium to capture Niet Vaats. He tells her they plan to find him and extract him to a ship off the coast. Scully asks "what about Mulder?". After a pause, Forrest states soberly that he would be surprised if Mulder is still alive. They are interrupted as two WHOs burst in, and are promptly gunned down by Kodro. Forrest shouts that they need to go.

Outside, the New Consortium operatives begin slaughtering the UN Soldiers, using confusion to their advantage. Thordarsson strolls out of the Command building and approaches Adjutant, telling to prepare a team to find and kill "the witnesses". Adjutant moves away. Thordarsson looks over and sees an Alien craft speeding away from the field.

Scully, Forrest and Kodro exit the stockade and sneak away from the gunfight, heading down a hillock. When Scully asks where they are going, Forrest replies "a safe meeting place".

Down in the town, the locals are panicking, fleeing their homes after seeing the slaughter of their neighbours. The UN soldiers in the town are fired upon by a convoy of WHO vehicles and driven back as they attempt to protect the civilians. One of the soldiers moves down an alleyway and walks straight into a Bounty Hunter, and is promptly killed by a neck break. The Bounty Hunter moves onto the street and watches the fleeing crowd. Another Bounty Hunter emerges from a nearby building, and they exchange looks.

In Washington D.C, Skinner is called into Cresswell's office. After initially exchanging pleasantaries, Cresswell mentions that he has been disturbed by recent events. He elaborates that since he agreed to let Mulder and Scully leave for Heimaey, he has had reports that two other agents, one of them an Assistant Director, have disappeared, and there has been an apparently linked report from INTERPOL that one of their apprehended suspects have been released by a man claiming to be FBI. Skinner nonchalantly denies any knowledge of this, though he looks uncomfortable at the latter story. Cresswell states openly that he always admired Skinner's honesty in an organisation that he claims had become far too interested in making "things look nice rather than getting to the heart". He also says that he would expect a man of Skinner's honour to always inform him of activities. Skinner states that he certainly will as soon as he is aware of them, before exiting.

On Heimaey, Scully is led by Forrest and Kodro into nearby woodland, and at a clearing they meet the group of UN disguised Schattenjaeger operatives, including Vukjovic and O'Brien, as well as Marita. Forrest tells O'Brien to take his men and make a preliminary search for Niet Vaats. They ditch their disguises, bearing black, regal looking uniforms, before getting back in the humvee and driving off. Forrest then orders Vukjovic to take Scully and Marita to a designated location near the coast where a helicopter will take them to the boat. Scully immediately states that she isn't leaving unless it's with Mulder. Although Forrest initially objects, Scully stubbornly refuses. Forrest resignedly orders Kodro to find Mulder, and to contact the boat when he does. When Scully begins to argue that this isn't good enough, Forrest bluntly tells her that the search for him is merely a favour and that since she is unarmed she has no choice but to comply. Although angered, Scully submits, and they go to leave. Before they do, Vukjovic confronts Forrest and asks what he will be doing, to which Forrest replies that he will marshall their other men on the island. Vukjovic notes this wasn't in the orginal plan, and that he will have a long talk with Schneider upon his arrival on the boat. The two go their seperate ways.

Act Two[]

With the UN Command Base now under New Consortium control, Thordarsson uses a long distance video phone to contact Strughold in Tunisia, informing him that everything has gone to plan and that all that remains is to eliminate witnesses while the Colonists locate and capture Niet Vaats. Strughold asks what the situation with Schattenjaeger is, to which Thordarsson replies that they have infiltrated the UN and caused problems but that they are fighting a doomed fight. Strughold notes that Thordarsson should not underestimate them. When Thordarsson asks about their spy, Strughold replies that he is almost in position. Thordarsson asks about the civilians, to which Strughold replies that "everything dies" before hanging up. As Thordarsson leaves, he is closely watched by Grey-Haired Man.

Some of the town's locals hide in the woods, and watch as a group of their unlucky counterparts are marshalled into a field by New Consortium members, overseen by one of the Bounty Hunters. Two are gunned down as they try to run away. Those in the woods watch in horror as the bounty hunters move through the prisoners, examining them. They then move away and after a moment, a craft appears overhead, and the WHOs quickly move back. The craft hovers over the prisoners and opens fire on them. The group in the woods whimper at the sight. Three of the eldest men argue over what to do, and as they do a young woman sneaks away and runs further into the woods unnoticed. She makes her way towards the nearest beach, but after moving up a sand dune stops when she sees a man standing in shadow at the top. She makes to run, but the man, actually Mulder, calls out to her. The woman approaches him, and introduces herself as Laana Gudjonsson. When she asks what happened to him, he says that he can't remember and he appears to be badly disorientated. Laana tells him they need to get off the island, and that she knows where they can find a boat. As they make to leave, they hear gunshots from the woods and quickly begin to run. They flee along the sandhills but are fired at by men in WHO uniforms from the treeline. Mulder is hit in the leg and goes down, and after hesitating, Laana goes back and helps him up, and they continue to run.

As the WHO begin to close in, the pursuing men suddenly are immolated by a man who sneaks up behind them, dressed in the same uniform.

On a helicopter travelling off the island, Vukjovic sits in the front with the pilot where he is told that Schneider has commandeered a Royal Navy ship and is running the operation from off-shore. In the back, Scully asks Marita what she was doing on Heimaey. Marita replies that she was requested by a UN Secretary due to her experience with suspected extraterrestrials to act as an advisor. When Marita asks what she and Mulder are doing there, Scully dryly replies "looking for the truth". Marita notes that she can't comprehend what is going on, and fears the battle raging will bring colonisation forward. Vukjovic joins them, and explains that when they arrive at the ship all of their questions will be answered. When Scully asks what will happen to those on the island if they succeed, Vukjovic admits that he doesn't know.

Mulder and Laana arrive at a small boat house on the far side of the island, where they lock themselves in. Mulder tries to operate his phone to call Scully, but finds that the signal is being jammed. Laana, terrified, asks what is going on. Mulder explains to her that an alien shapeshifter, Niet Vaats, crashed on the island and escaped from the craft, and that now two human forces are fighting to control it to different ends. Laana jokes that she always thought aliens would be little green men. Mulder says they should remain where they are until he thinks of a plan.

The chopper arrives at the S.S Nelson, and the crew quickly dismount. Vukjovic takes Scully and Marita below deck to see Schneider. The Schattenjaeger leader tells them both they are very lucky and that they should not be on Heimaey. Scully demands to know exactly what they are doing and how they plan to save the population of the island, to which Schneider replies that all neccessary measures are being taken. Marita runs into Krycek, their first meeting since 2000. Schneider asks to speak with Vukjovic alone. They hold a conversation in the prison cell, with Schneider asking about Robert Forrest. Vukjovic replies that his actions appear irratic at best, and he is becoming suspicious. Vukjovic asks what Schneider is "really" going to do to protect those on the island, to which Schneider replies that "God looks after those who cannot look after themselves."

On the island, O'Brien's team come across a local man standing in a clearing and approach him, believing he may be Niet Vaats. As the man looks around, they see a look of absolute terror on his face. O'Brien and his men are suddenly gunned down by troops waiting in ambush, and as they are cut down, Adjutant and his own men emerge. Adjutant calmly walks up to O'Brien who is barely alive. O'Brien, coughing blood, tells him that "You're gonna lose". Adjutant finishes him off with a shot to the head.

Act Three[]

A gunboat escort for the S.S Nelson locates an errand boat on radar and quickly moves to intercept. It approaches the boat and shines it spotlight, as the crew aim weapons and demand a surrender. After a few moments, a cursing Doggett emerges and surrenders himself, followed by Blakely. Kallstrom dives into the water in an attempt to escape. Doggett casually tells the gunboat's crew not to bother with him as he is taken aboard.

At the boathouse, Mulder attempts to remember what happened prior to him running into Laana. He tells her that he recalls seeing a large group of men and women being herded into a field, and of another man he recognised running away. He suddenly states that everyone on the island will die if they stay, and that they have to be evacuated as soon as possible. Laana agrees, but before she can continue the door is broken down and Kodro enters. Mulder attacks him, wrestling him to the ground and getting hold of his weapon. Mulder holds the gun to his head, while Kodro yells that he is there "to get you out of here!". Mulder suspiciously allows Kodro to radio to the boat, keeping Kodro's weapon on him as he does. Mulder demands to know where Scully is, to which Kodro replies that she is waiting for him, adding "She'll be happier to see you than I am". The three leave the house to get the helicopter.

In a nearby woodland, one of the Bounty Hunters searches for Niet Vaats with a bodyguard of New Consortium troops. The Bounty Hunter realises that he is being followed, and turns around to see 'Phillipe' right behind him. The Bounty Hunter pulls out a gimlet weapon, but is grabbed by the throat before he can react. The accompanying men turn around to see the Bounty Hunter immolated by 'Phillipe', who then turns his attention towards them.

Doggett and Blakely are taken aboard the S.S Nelson, and locked in the brig. Blakely moans that he can't believe Doggett has once again gotten him into trouble. They are visited by a stunned Scully, who immediately asks what they are doing there. Doggett tells her that Skinner sent them to watch their backs, and then enquires as to where Mulder is. Scully replies still on the island, and that she is highly concerned because she doesn't trust the men on the boat with her. Doggett says that now there are, and then asks whether she can get them released. One of the crewmen enters to tell Scully that her partner is back.

Scully, Doggett and Blakely rush up to the deck as the helicopter lands, and Scully embraces Mulder as soon as he arrives, but they are interrupted when two Schattenjaeger operatives grab him and put him in handcuffs. Mulder has time to assure Scully that he is fine and also to ask "what the hell" Doggett and Blakely are doing there before he is taken away. As Mulder leaves, Kodro gets out of the helicopter and watches him with a frustrated look on his face. Laana looks around the ship aimlessly, lost in reality.

Mulder is taken to see Schneider in the command room, which is now fairly busy. Schneider asks for his men to leave, except for Krycek. He then explains that since Mulder is back he is willing to let him, Scully, Doggett, Blakely and Marita leave on a cutter on the condition that they do not return and do not disclose what they saw to anyone. Mulder states firmly that he isn't going anywhere, and that he wants some evidence that Schneider has the intention of preventing the death of everyone on Heimaey. Schneider becomes angry, telling Mulder that he has no right to question him and that the civilians of Heimaey are "as expendable as every other man, woman and child sacrificed for the greater good". A shocked Mulder calls Schneider a hypocrite, since he is happy to let innocent people die while "hiding under the banner of good intention". Schneider demands that Mulder be taken away, and Krycek complies. When the two are alone, Krycek reveals to Mulder that after the New Consortium are finished on Heimaey they will destroy the island with powerful ballistics to "erase any evidence that anything ever occured", and that as far as they know this will happen even if they fail to get Niet Vaats. When Mulder asks Krycek why he's telling him this, Krycek replies that he "deserves to know". Mulder dryly asks "Resist or serve, Alex?", echoing Krycek's words several years before. Krycek smiles and releases Mulder's restraints before returning to the command room. As Mulder leaves, he runs into Vukjovic, who admits he is happy to see that Mulder is alive. Mulder throws the words back in Vukjovic's face, angrily rebuking him for being involved in an operation which will see the death of innocent civilians. Vukjovic is taken aback by the accusations, claiming he had no knowledge of a plan to wipe out Heimaey. Mulder storms off, leaving Vukjovic stunned.

In the Command room, Schneider conducts a videophone conversation with Forrest, who explains that he has enough men under his control on Heimaey to ensure that a full search for Niet Vaats will not be possible unmolested. Schneider makes clear his conflicted views on Forrest's actions, but tells him to harrass the colonists and New Consortium for as long as possible while he will take care of their target. Although confused, Forrest relents and they hang up. Vukjovic enters, and Krycek is brought in for an unexpected briefing. Schneider tells Vukjovic that he will be returning the island to locate, apprehend and extract Niet Vaats. When Vukjovic questions the order, Schneider tells him that Krycek will accompany him because Krycek will be able to "identify" their target. Although Vukjovic looks uncomfortable, he agrees and the two of them leave. In the corridor outside, Vukjovic stresses his frustration at the fact their plans are constantly changing and that he no longer trusts his fellow members. Krycek assures him that if they follow their orders, everything will pan out fine, but admits that he too is becoming suspicious.

In one of the bunk rooms, Mulder and Scully discuss their situation. Mulder tells her about Schneider's wish to send them away, to which Scully admits her instincts lie. Mulder, however, is convinced that everyone on Heimaey will die and is unwilling to accept this occuring. Scully suggests that even if it is true, it is surely inevitable and while terrible they cannot prevent it. She pleads with him to leave with the rest, stating that there is nothing more they can do and that she doesn't what they're lives to end after ignoring all the lessons they've pick up along the way. Mulder says there is one more thing he can do, and walks out, leaving Scully alone.

On the island, Thordarsson frantically calls Strughold to inform him that the situation is no longer in their control, stating that Niet Vaats has began killing his hunters and that the Schattenjaeger operatives are ambushing his men. Strughold concludes that he has failed. Thordarsson looks confused as Grey-Haired Man steps forward and shoots him the back of the head.

Mulder stands on the deck of the ship, deep in thought. He is approached by a bitter looking Kodro, who offers him a phone. Mulder takes it, and Forrest is on the other end. Forrest asks if Mulder intends to leave, to which Mulder says no. Forrest replies "good", and explains that Kodro is flying back to the island so they can "do the right thing", and that he wants Mulder to go as well. Mulder is surprised, and Forrest reveals that the only reason Mulder is in the situation was because Forrest made it happen. He reveals that he doesn't agree with his comrades' decision to attempt a capture of Niet Vaats, and that Mulder had to witness the true nature of Schattenjaeger. He tells Mulder that there is one thing left to do; kill Niet Vaats. Mulder agrees, and tells Kodro to get the helicopter ready while he goes to speak to Scully, who has just appeared. He tells her that he is going back "to finish this". When Scully begins to object, Mulder assures her that once this is over, he is done with the conspiracy. He kisses her and goes to the helicopter. As it takes off, several crewmembers cry out in alarm, and somebody is sent to alert Schneider.

Scully is approached by Doggett, who assures her that Mulder will be okay, after she explains what is going on to him. He then states that they have to make sure when he gets back they have their fate in their own hands.

Act Four[]

On the island, Grey-Haired Man and his men are forced out of the UN Command Base by the rallied Schattenjaeger operatives during a furious gunfight. Forrest leads the charge, but most of them are then killed by a Bounty Hunter who irridiates them.

In the woods, a traumatised and freezing group of locals sit around a fire sullenly. They don't react as Krycek and Vukjovic approach them, both armed. Vukjovic asks one of the men if they have seen a person who shouldn't be there. As one, the group all point towards the location where the first crash site was located.

In the conference room in Tunisia, an unsettled Strughold is approached by Italian, who acidicly notes that the situation in Heimaey is spiralling out of control. Strughold calmly dismisses him as overreacting, and also assures him not to underestimate the "murderous power" of their allies, the colonists. After a moment, Italian signals for somebody to be brought in and two guards usher a terrified Larissa Toricelli into the room. Strughold smiles vindictively and asks what she has been doing with her time since she "turned traitor". Italian changes the subject, informing Strughold that because of Toricelli's actions "someone else" has arrived at the island who could destroy everything. An intrigued Strughold asks what this means, and Larissa states that there are only two people on the island who can overpower Niet Vaats and are immune to his lethal self defence mechanisms, and that the Bounty Hunters cannot. Surmising that one of the men is Krycek, Strughold asks who the other one is. After a pause, Italian simply says "Mulder". A shocked Strughold blurts out that it's impossible, and demands to know why he is there. Larissa responds that he is there because of her, and that she followed the orders of Robert Forrest in contacting him. After a stunned pause, Italian remarks that there is now a third element in the fight. Larissa breathlessly states that there's more, and that "Mulder doesn't know how significant he is to this battle".

On the SS Nelson, Scully and Doggett approach Captain Ronaldson and propose a mutiny in which the ship would be taken back into Navy hands. Ronaldson initially dismisses this as insane, but when Scully forces home the point that under the control of Schattenjaeger the ship will become home to a genocidal alien killing machine, Ronaldson begins to understand their desperation. He is also taken aback when Doggett tells him the plans for Heimaey, and relents, agreeing that he will give an ultimatum to Schneider. As Ronaldson leaves, Scully tells Doggett to prepare a cutter for them to escape in as soon as Mulder returns.

Mulder and Kodro arrive on the island and are met by a Schattenjaeger operative who leads them to Forrest, who's forces are holed up in a wooded area. Forrest shakes Mulder's hand, and tells him that he "always knew" he would do the right thing. Forrest explains that a normal human being isn't capable of destroying Niet Vaats, and hands him a gimlet weapon. An overwhelmed Mulder admits that he doesn't understand, Forrest tells him that Niet Vaats was originally built by an Alien race formerly allied to the Colonists, who were advanced forms of purity (the black oil), and that as a result he is incapable of killing anything with any purity base, and is unkillable by anyone who does not. Forrest orders Kodro to take control of the Schattenjager operatives, and Forrest and Mulder leave alone.

Ronaldson visits Schneider is his command room, and openly admits his concern at the reported actions and intentions of Schneider's group. Schneider is dismissive, claiming that there is "a much bigger picture here that you're eyes could never take in". Ronaldson firmly tells Schneider not to rely on the crew to bail him out, and that if he feels any threat is being posed towards his men, he will pull anchor. Schneider angrily demands that under no circumstance should Ronaldson contemplate leaving, as by doing so he will "betray the human race". A shocked Ronaldson tells him bluntly that he only has control of the ship because of "friends in high places" and that otherwise he'd be at the bottom of the sea. Ronaldson storms out.

As they head towards the site of the original crash, Mulder asks why Forrest didn't contact him directly, rather than through Larissa. Forrest says that Mulder never would have trusted him, and that a trick was required. He admits he isn't proud of deceiving him, but that it was the only way. He goes on to say that he hates having to betray Schattenjaeger, but that Schneider is so desperate to find a secret weapon he is ignoring the clear risks. Mulder then asks how he plans on finding Vaats, to which Forrest replies that the ship wreckage contains metallic elements that Vaats requires for energy.

On board the Nelson, Scully has Blakely, Marita and Lanaa wait on board the cutter in the ship's docking bay. She tells Blakely not to let anyone onto the boat, and then exits to speak to Doggett, who is arming himself. Scully asks Doggett whether he fully remembers the plan, which he enthusiastically confirms.

At the crash site, Mulder and Forrest spot Niet Vaats, in the form of Oli, crouched down and apparently eating rubble and debris. They approach Vaats, who instantly senses them and grabs Forrest, throwing him against a tree trunk and knocking him unconscious. Mulder, initially frozen, brandishes the gimlet weapon. Seeing this, Vaats stops and morphs into the form of Cigarette-Smoking Man. Mulder laughs, stating that if he wanted a deterant to killing him he should picked a different form. CSM states that he "couldn't kill (him) before. Why should it be any different now?". He then tells Mulder that he could never kill his own father. Mulder hesitates, and then re-iterates that his real father died long before he did. CSM laughs, pulling out and lighting a cigarette, and then remarking that Mulder's quest for the truth blinds him to the truths he doesn't want to see. They are interrupted as Krycek and Vukjovic appear, the latter rousing Forrest. The three close on Vaats, with Krycek stating that "I've killed you once, I could do it again." CSM taunts Krycek by claiming that Krycek would probably mess it up again, and that he is envious of Mulder's paternity. Krycek dismisses Vaats as failing in his efforts, and that ultimately nobody is going to kill him anyway. Krycek then punches CSM in the face, admitting that he likes "the chance to let out some old anger". Krycek restrains him with metallic cuffs, and tells Vukjovic to radio for the helicopter. Totally bewildered, Vukjovic hesitates, and then asks Forrest sidelong what his plan is. Forrest admits it's to kill Vaats. Before they can continue, Kodro appears, damning Forrest's treachery. A confused Forrest asks what Kodro is talking about. Kodro responds by gunning down Forrest and Vukjovic. As he walks past a dying Forrest, Kodro spits on him and calls him an "old fool". He holds up Mulder and Krycek, and acidicly tells Krycek that he would love to kill him, but that he is needed. After Kodro insults them all, and affirms his own survival will be ensured by changing sides, he raises his gun to kill Mulder, but is then shot in the head by Vukjovic, who is alive but badly wounded. Mulder rushes over to Forrest, who has time to utter "Kill it, Fox. For the good of us all. Before everything dies." before he himself passes.

Act Five[]

At the UN Command Base, Grey-Haired Man meets one of the Bounty Hunters, and tells him that it appears their plan has gone awry. Bounty Hunter walks away without replying. GHM calls off his men, telling them that "it is out of our hands now".

As Mulder, Krycek, Vukjovic reach the helicopter, Mulder grabs Vaats, holding up the gimlet, and shouts that if anyone tries to get at Vaats, he will kill him. Krycek protests, telling Mulder he has no idea what he is dealing with. Mulder responds that he does, and that he will not allow the carnage that Schneider is preparing. He also states that unless himself and Scully are allowed off the Nelson safetly, Vaats is "a dead man". CSM laughs at this. They reluctantly agree, and get on board.

In Tunisia, Strughold is informed of their failed plans. Sitting back in his chair defeated, he orders that the strike begin.

Scully speaks with Marita in the cutter, and Scully asks whether she knew about what was occuring on Heimaey or of the implications of the new conspiracy. Marita, stung, denies this and states that she is simply "trying to get back into the work". Blakely idly says that he is already getting a headache from all the double crossing and lies he has encountered during the incident. They are interrupted as Mulder calls Scully on the satellite phone. She tearfully expresses her relief that he is ok, and Mulder explains that he has Vaats and is flying back to the ship. Scully tells him that they are all set to leave the boat as soon as he gets back, and that they are in the hold. After he hangs up, Vaats (still CSM) smugly asks Mulder what he is going to do as a worried Krycek watches on.

The chopper arrives on the Nelson, and as Mulder gets out with Vaats they see a huge explosion from the direction of Heimaey. Mulder is shocked, and Doggett emerges from the hold as the crew of the ship are distracted. Doggett enquires as to whether Mulder is okay, and he confirms. Doggett nods and draws his weapon and fires at a rope beam, snapping it and sending one of the crate pallets on the deck over board. The crew rush across to it, while Mulder holds the gimlet to Vaats and Doggett aims his weapon at the nearby Schattenjaeger operatives. As the operatives back off, Mulder takes Vaats into the ship's hold, covered by Doggett. Schneider appears on the deck and is debriefed by Krycek, who reports that Vukjovic is badly injured and dying from blood loss. Schneider briefly looks concerned, and then begins to go below deck, ordering his men to back off. He says that he wants to speak to Mulder alone. He also tells Krycek to order the immediate abandonment of the ship, telling him that the colonists will be coming.

Mulder, with Vaats in tow, arrive in the docking bay of the hold, and is greeted by Scully, who stops in her tracks as she sees Cigarette Smoking Man. When she asks what's going on, Mulder insists that the man is Vaats. When Scully asks what he is going to do with him, Schneider alerts them to his presence by pressing the same point. As Schneider steps forward, he is ambushed by Doggett, who holds him at gunpoint. He tells Schneider to call off any back up, but Schneider insists nobody else is coming and that the ship is being abandoned as they speak. Mulder affirms that Vaats has to die, but Schneider refuses this, and pleads with Mulder not to kill him. He described Vaats as the perfect weapon, capable of seemless espionage and sabotage, and that he could win the war for the Rebels. Mulder flatly tells him that Vaats is just as likely to destroy the rebels, and that he can never be trusted. CSM scornfully says that Schneider has been obssessed with gaining possession of Vaats since he "sent him back to his owners". Schneider rubbishes this, and surprises them all by shouting at what he sees as CSM as being the destroyer of all hope they ever had for a future. Scully tells Mulder to let Schneider have Vaats, much to Mulder's surprise. Before discussions can continue, a bright flash of white blinds those in the chamber, and after a moment Mulder makes out two faceless aliens walking towards CSM. CSM looks around at Mulder and smiles.

There is another flash, and Vaats is gone, along with the rebels. Mulder seems frozen in shock, and Scully has to pull at him to get him aboard the cutter, as Doggett jumps on board. Schneider watches them leave calmly.

A few hours later, Ronaldson and his crew sit in their lifeboats and watch as an alien craft appears and attacks the Nelson, obliterating the vessel.

Act Six[]

At the United Nations Offices in Washington D.C, Marita submits her findings of the Heimaey incident to Secretary General Arnan Callsen-Bracker. She concludes her official report, that the island was victim to an explosion caused by the overload of an experimantal engine onboard the purpoted Chinese air craft, killing all 4,500 residents and the majority of the United Nations soldiers on the island. She also notes there is no connection to the sinking of the Royal Navy vessel SS Nelson in the North sea, which apparently struck an "uncharted reef". Callsen-Bracker admits his satisfaction at the findings, but then asks what really happened. Marita tells him about Niet Vaats, the battle for his possession and the genocide of the island's population. A stunned Callsen-Bracker supposes that there is no evidence of this. Marita responds by calling in Lanaa, introducing her to her boss as "Lanaa Gudjonsson. The sole surviving citizen of Heimaey".

Krycek visists an injured Vukjovic in a hospital in Helskini, informing him that the Nelson was sunk and that Heimaey has been destroyed, killing a number of Schattenjaeger operatives. When Vukjovic suddenly ponders that Forrest was right, that they made the wrong choice, Krycek dismisses him as being delirious from pain killers and makes to leave. Vukjovic forcefully insists that Krycek must listen, and that they now have a new choice to make for both themselves and the future. After a pause, Krycek sits back down.

At the J. Edgar Hoover building, Doggett, Blakely and Skinner are called in by Cresswell. He explains that he is at a loss over the reports from INTERPOL and at Doggett and Blakely's absense during the incidents that occured on Heimaey. Doggett tells Cresswell that he and Blakely were following up a lead in Nebraska, which they had neglected to report. Skinner vouches for them, and tells Cresswell that he has reprimanded both of them. After a tense pause, Cresswell accepts this. He asks after Mulder and Scully, and Skinner responds that he has given them both a leave of absence. Cresswell dismisses them, but Skinner stays behind for "a word". Skinner tells Cresswell that he wanted him to be aware that a missing persons report has been filed for one of the sponsors of Cresswell's governorship campaign for Virginia in 1994. When Cresswell asks who, Skinner replies "Robert Forrest", and looks at Cresswell ominously before leaving. Reeling, Cresswell pours himself a glass of scotch and sits down heavily.

In Palermo, Larissa Toricelli, apparently safe and well, walks into the marketplace and sees a newspaper in English. The headline is "Chinese Government Deny Heimaey Incident Involvement". She sighs and walks on. Watching her from a nearby car, Adjutant puts away a mobile phone and drives away.

Schneider sits alone in his study at Schloss Schneider, mulling over a glass of red wine. Ostengaard enters and tells him that a report has been filed through official sources on Forrest. He also notions that Kodro may have been exposing secrets for years, and that there is no way of knowing the possible damage. Schneider dismisses him, telling him to "sort out" the men. After Ostengaard has left, Schneider picks up a phone and calls Strughold in Tunisia. The two refer to each other on a first name basis, and appear to be almost friendly. Strughold says that Schneider should be more wary of treachery in his ranks. Schneider responds that they should both be very wary of Mulder in future, and that there is much of "his father in in him". Strughold asks which one, making Schneider laugh harshly, before responding that Strughold will die. Strughold replies that everything dies, and then hangs up.

At Mulder's apartment, Scully visits to find her partner sitting in the dark staring at the wall. Mulder explains that he has failed, and that as a result of Niet Vaats' capture, many people could die. He adds that he feels cheated in that a cause he had begun to believe in now have been exposed as being as heartless as those he considered to be enemies. Scully assures him that she doesn't believe that it would have mattered what he did, as fate is no longer in their hands. She also flatly admits that she never trusted Schattenjaeger, and that anyone willing to sacrifice the people they purpote to protect is the greatest form of evil. Mulder confesses that he has realised that Robert Forrest was the man he could have become had he followed a different path, and that despite being like minded in principal, even the power Forrest had was not enough to prevent him from being helpless to stop the future. When Mulder asks whether there is anything they can do to stop the colonisation, Scully embraces him tightly.

Background Information[]


  • First use of "Part 1 & 2" format due to length. The only time this was used in the original show was for The Truth: Part 1 & 2.
  • First appearance by Arnan Callsen-Bracker, Secretary General of the United Nations and Marita Covarrubias's boss.
  • First appearance by Laana Gudjonsson.

Writer's Notes[]




Mulder: If you didn't want me to kill you, you could have picked a better disguise.

Cigarette-Smoking Man: Such as? You couldn't kill me before, why should it be any different now?

Cigarette-Smoking Man: As always, Fox. Blinded by the distant truths you seek that you miss the ones you don't want. Story of your life, isn't it?

Krycek: I killed you before, I could do it again, you black lunged bastard.

Cigarette-Smoking Man: Knowing you, Alex, I imagine I'm not in a great deal of danger. And besides, at least he has the excuse of actually being my son. Unlike you.

Cigarette-Smoking Man: You won't win this argument, Fox. Alexandr has been brooding on the point for thirty years. An obsession. Ever since I sent the weapon back to it's rightful owners under his nose.

Schneider: Utter drivel. You ruin humanity's chances and then stand here and insult me? You would doom us all with your cowardice!

Lanaa Gudjonsson: It's funny....I always thought they would be little green men.

Mulder: Grey, actually.

(After gunning down Kodro)

Vukjovic: I gotta stop saving your ass, Mulder...

'Deleted Scenes'/Alternate Plot Points[]

  • A subplot involving Adjutant and a team of assassins hunting Mulder, which would end with Adjutant's death at the hands of Niet Vaats, was dropped for creative reasons.
  • The scene where Skinner informs Cresswell that Robert Forrest is missing originally played out in a very similar vein to Doggett's threat to Kersch in Season 8's Existence.
  • A subplot involving Ronaldson inciting a mutiny onboard the Nelson was dropped for creative purposes.
  • An alternate ending featured the freighter Righteous Road (last seen in Premija) being used by an uninjured Vukjovic to escape after the Nelson becomes compromised. In this, Vukjovic, Mulder, Scully, Doggett, Blakely and Marita would board the boat and sail away.

Dossier Notes[]

Everything Dies: Part 1 & 2 Dossier

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