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Production Number: 10x27
Story by: Malcolm Fenn & Clint Erikson
Written by: Clint Erikson & Malcolm Fenn

Denique Velum is the twenty seventh episode of Season 10 and the second part of the Season finale trilogy.

Trapped in the Siberian missile silo with the Bounty Hunter, Mulder and Vukjovic are forced to form an unholy alliance in order to escape alive. Meanwhile, Skinner faces a professional crisis attempting to protect Scully and Doggett in their own mission.


Background Information[]


Writer's Notes[]

Cast of Characters[]

  • Fox Mulder
  • Dana Scully
  • John Doggett
  • Walter Skinner
  • Dario Vukjovic
  • Alexandr Schneider
  • Robert Forrest
  • Memo Kodro
  • Jeffrey Spender
  • Grey-Haired Man
  • Conrad Strughold
  • Italian
  • Alien Bounty Hunter
  • Scarred Man
  • Toothpick Man
  • Billy Miles
  • Knowle Rohrer
  • Shannon McMahon

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