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Dana Katherine Scully is a Special Agent within the X files branch of the FBI. A formally trained medical doctor, Scully's main asset as an agent has always been towards science and was assigned to the X files as a way of verifying the work of her partner, Fox Mulder. She was working at St. Giles Hospital in rural Canada, where she lived with Mulder, when approached by Walter Skinner regarding a return to the FBI after two years in hiding.

Scully has a large extended family, although she has lost both her father, William, and her sister, Melissa, during her work on the X files. She is close to her mother Margaret and sees her brothers, William Jnr. and Charles, at family functions.

She has twice had biological children, one (Emily Sim) by artificial conception, and the other (William) who she gave birth to but was forced to give away.

Pre 10-13[]

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Early Life & Background[]

Scully was born on February 23rd 1964 to Margaret and William Scully...




The List Killings[]

Return to the X files[]

Vukjovic Abduction[]

Search for Mulder[]

Discovering New Consortium[]

The Trial[]

Back to Work[]

Heimaey Incident[]



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