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Cigarette Smoking Man, also known as CSM, Cancer Man and C.G.B Spender, was a senior member of the Syndicate and one of the original founders of the Conspiracy. He was working with the State Department in 1973 and as a result was in attendance at El Rico Air Force Base to greet the Colonist envoy. He submitted his wife, Cassandra Spender, as part of the agreement. Cigarette Smoking Man, who's real name was never disclosed, was the biological father of both Jeffrey Spender and Fox Mulder. He was killed by a missile strike conducted by US Army helicopters after hiding out in a Navajo Puebla in New Mexico.

Pre 10-13[]

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Encounter with Niet Vaats[]

In 1976, three years after the meeting with the Colonists at El Rico Air Force Base, CSM was present when the Syndicate visited a military base that was housing a downed alien creature. The alien, who had was able to mimic the appearance and pesonality of anyone living or dead based on mind reading abilities, appeared to CSM as Cassandra Spender, he former wife. They later dubbed the alien Niet Vaats. During discussions over how to handle the shape shifter, CSM admitted he had already contacted the Colonists to retrieve Vaats without the consent of the group. Alexandr Schneider in particular was furious with this, as he saw Vaats as a potential weapon to prevent Colonisation. CSM's actions directly caused Schneider to found Schattenjaeger. ("Everything Dies: Part 1 & 2")


In 2005, Mulder endured hallucinations as a result of toxic fumes in an abandoned warehouse in Flint, Michigan. During these, he imagined seeing Dario Vukjovic and CSM in collusion as Mulder attempted to fight off what he perceived to be a horde of huge insects. This apparent random thought was proven correct some years later. ("Things")

In Morris Fletcher's autobiography 'The World According to Morris' portrayed CSM as an alien who required carbon monoxide from cigarettes to survive. ("The World According to Morris")

In 2006, the alien shapeshifter Niet Vaats took the form of CSM for a prolonged period of time, after accessing the 'print' from Mulder's mind. During this time, he interacted and mocked Mulder, Krycek and Schneider. Despite being reviled by all three men, Vaats's disguise insured his survival before he was captured by the Rebels. ("Everything Dies: Part 1 & 2")


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