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Production Number: 11x15
Story by: Malcolm Fenn
Written by: Malcolm Fenn

Blood Debt is the fifthteenth episode of Season 11.

Imprisoned in a Nigerian prison cell by unknown means, Dario Vukjovic ponders his life and recalls his enemies in an attempt to work out why he was imprisoned.


In 1976 Yugoslavia, a young boy is forced to flee from his home as a convoy of militia vehicles arrives and attacks the residents, believing them to be Bosnian and Montonegran sympathisers. As he runs into a nearby woodland, the boy looks back long enough to see his mother, father and older brother gunned down as they attempt to protect their house. He runs away into the woods.

Two weeks later, dirty and ragged, the boy finds a military ration pack in a forest clearing, and goes to take it before being caught by gunmen from a different militia. One of them, the leader, introduces himself as Drago Djordjic and asks how long the boy has been in the woods for. He replies two weeks, and Djordjic laughs and pats him on the shoulder encouragingly. He offers his hand and asks for his name, to which the boy replies Dario. Djordjic tells him the men will protect him now, and shakes his hand.

The handshake transitions into an adult Vukjovic's wrist manacled to a wall in a tiny prison cell as he wakes up. Vukjovic attempts to break off the manacle and screams in rage.

Act One[]

Act Two[]

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Background Information[]


  • Second 10-13 episode not to primarily focus on Mulder and Scully (the first being Messenger).
  • Not including flashbacks, this is the first appearance by Vukjovic since Season 10's Sodom and Gomorrah.
  • First appearance by First Elder since Season 6's One Son.
  • First appearance by Well-Manicured Man since The X-Files Movie.

Writer's Notes[]


Cast of Characters[]

  • Fox Mulder (flashbacks)
  • Dana Scully (flashbacks)
  • Dario Vukjovic
  • Alex Krycek
  • Grey-Haired Man
  • Cigarette Smoking Man
  • Marita Covarrubias
  • First Elder
  • Well-Manicured Man
  • Andjela Radan
  • Second Elder
  • Third Elder
  • Josip Duljaj
  • Quiet Willy
  • Drago Djordjic
  • Prisoner
  • John Markic
  • Young Dario Vukjovic
  • Vukjovic's Father
  • Vukjovic's Mother
  • Vukjovic's Brother
  • Jailer

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