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Billy Miles was a Super Soldier, and former alien abductee investigated by Mulder and Scully. After being responsible for a number of kidnappings of local teenagers in his home town of Bellefleur, Oregon in 1993, Miles recovered from mental problems to become a Police deputy, but was abducted along with Mulder for the last time in 2000. During this abduction, he was the subject of barbaric medical procedures was returned in 2001 in a decomposed but living condition, and eventually metamorphosised into a Super Soldier. After an attempt on Scully's life, and witnessing the birth of William, he disappeared.

Miles was one of the Super Soldiers being prepared for examination by the Colonisits at the Missile Silo in Siberia, and was killed by Magnetite explosives detonated by Dario Vukjovic.


  • Season 10
    • Denique Velum
    • Sodom and Gomorrah