Alexandr Schneider[edit | edit source]

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The unflappable and upstanding gentleman, silver haired Alexandr Schneider was one of the original founders of the Syndicate, but quickly became disillusioned with the attitude of his brethren. He began forming his own anti-colonisation organisation in 1977, hoping to gain enough power to prevent the invasion. Despite Shattenjaeger being twice purged by the Syndicate, each time he rebuilt and kept his identity a secret. After the success of the 1990's in getting them off the ground, Schneider bade farewell to the Syndicate, escaping their destruction in 1999 as a result.

Now the defacto judge of the democratically led group, he holds his position in the mountains of Bavaria while attempting to 'induct' new members for the organisation.

Dario Vukjovic[edit | edit source]

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Cold, heartless and effective, Vukjovic is the dream assassin for any firm. Commanding, uncaring, deadly. But much like his old friend Alex Krycek he ultimately has one thing at heart; himself. However, this could well change if he was finally given something he cared about to fight for...

Initially a raw recruit of the Syndicate after being plucked from life as an orphaned militiaman in war torn Yugoslavia, Vukjovic worked for some of the highest ranked members of the conspiracy before turning his back on them at El Rico. After years of reclusive contract work, he was stronghanded back into work for Conrad Strughold and the New Consortium. But the return of that old friend with a mouthwatering offer soon made his loyalties dubious to say the least.

David Cresswell[edit | edit source]

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The newly appointed Director of the FBI, Cresswell was a US Senator and a veteran of the Vietnam War. Built of string oak and with an open ear to his peers, the venerable smooth talker prides himself on not ever giving in to the offers of temptation and sticking to the correct moral code. After much convincing from Walter Skinner, it was Cresswell who agreed that Scully and Mulder should be allowed to return to the FBI.

A fan in principal of the X files, he should give the agents some leighway, although he has "a busy schedule".

Robert Forrest[edit | edit source]

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Mysterious to the point of untrustworthy, the Englishman Forrest is the youngest 'Wise Man' of Shattenjaeger; a gentlemen with a polite and cultured manners but ruthless methods when the time comes. As a consequence of being one of the trusted, Forrest is a key figure in approaching those for 'induction'.

Larissa Toricelli[edit | edit source]

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Tom Blakely[edit | edit source]

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